Chromic Acid – Chromium Trioxide

The new dimension of chromic acid

Chromic acid (or chromium trioxide) and chromates are used to passivate galvanic layers and to pretreat aluminium surfaces. They are also used in the manufacture of catalysts. Various industries use chromium products for their manufacturing processes.

We are at your service for inquiries and can provide you with the following products around chrome:

  • Chrome(III) acetate solution
  • Chrome(III) chloride solution
  • Chrome(III) hydroxide sulfate solution
  • Chrome(III) hydroxyphosphate solution
  • Chrome(III) nitrate solution
  • Chrome(III) sulfate solution
  • Chromic acid, chromium trioxide
  • Chromic acid solution Vopcrom®
  • Chromium sulfate, alkaline
  • Potassium chrome alum
  • Mixtures according to customer recipe

VOPCROM® solution – the new dimension of chromic acid

With VOPCROM® solution, Vopelius Chemie has reached a new dimension of chromic acid solution. The use of our modern VOPCROM®-solution offers you various advantages compared to traditional material in the form of flakes or granules:

  • Homogeneous and consistent product quality of chromic acid
  • Quality control with certificate of analysis for each production batch
  • Easier handling (simple addition calculation)
  • Automatic dosing during the running production in your chromium bath
  • No system stop and therefore no production downtime during chromium plating
  • Absolutely dust-free addition and thus no unnecessary burden on man and nature
  • Best mixing properties of the solution
  • No disposal costs for packaging material
  • We take back the completely emptied containers free of charge

Other key products are

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Metal salts and metal salt solutions

Precious metal compounds

Anodes and anode accessories

Phosphoric acid and phosphorus-based chemicals

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